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The biggest dilemma face by the youth and professionals today is to choose right career which suits their Personality, Aptitude, Skills and should also have market potential. Career Counseling is done mostly under the influence of parents, teachers, peers who pursue the young minds to choose their career based on their lofty expectations. Most of the kids after graduating from schools and colleges find themselves lost or disinterested in the stream they have chosen. Career Counseling is not child’s play and require specialized and experienced counselor, who can show the right direction to the students or to the professionals for a better future ahead. CCS is pioneer in Career Counseling, we realized the importance of Career Counseling in early 1990s. Over the years we delivered Career Counseling sessions in different Universities, Colleges, Schools, and Institutions and also conducted personalized sessions with thousands of Students/Parents. We firmly believes that right age or stage for counseling is when student is in high school, the best time is when kid is in grade 9-10. But on the other hand Career Counseling is required at every stage of Career Building even if person is in College/University or even during professional life one often requires Career Counseling for rectification and growth. So Career Counseling and coaching is required at every stage of life.

CAREER CONSULTANCY SERVICES started in the year 1996. Students and Professionals are guided to make right Career choices. CCS provide them continuous support in making ‘Right Career Choices’ to make their life better. We `even helped students to fix their career through ‘Mid-life’ Career Counseling, under the head ‘Professionals’ in ‘Career Counseling Packaging’ CCS provide them mentoring, guidance & coaching for international exams such as GMAT, GRE, SAT, SSAT, LSAT, MCAT,USMLE, etc. and for national exams like Civil Services Exam, CDS, NDA, Assistant Commandant, SSC, PCS, LAW, IBPS-Banking, UGC-NET,NIFT, NCHMCT and Govt. Jobs.

ARUN BHATIA (MBA & Harvard Certified): The Institute is headed by Arun Bhatia, a well known Career Coach, and a great teacher. He gave coaching for Math (Quantitative Aptitude), International affairs, Asian and World History, World Economics, World Political Studies, General Studies, International Affairs, Public Speaking Skills,Personality Developing, Interview Preparations, etc. Thousands of students took help from him to improve their Math Skills, which is important for getting admission to the best universities of US, Canada, Europe and Asia. He visited Harvard, MIT, Yale, University of Toronto, Waterloo, Stanford, Washington University during his professional life.

KAMAL BHATIA (Co-founder), B.Sc., B.Ed., MBA, OCT (Ontario Certified Teacher, Canada) an authority on English and Reasoning. She is an expert in child psychology and has experience of Canadian Education system. The duo has authored books on Math, English Vocabulary, Grammar, Quantitative Aptitude, Critical Reasoning, Political system and Current affairs. The Career Group is running Counseling and tutoring centers, CBSE-affiliated School, Industrial Training Institute (Trade College) and have opened their operations in Toronto.

ARUN BHATIA and KAMAL BHATIA are active in helping the students who cannot afford good education. The duo donated 27 lakh rupees (50,000 Canadian dollars) in last few years , and in 2019-20 donated 17000 dollars for helping ‘Girl child’ by empowering them best of education. They have been conducting seminars on Career Awareness Programs, which has helped thousands of the students. Their students are working as Sr. Executives in corporations- Google, Microsoft, WallMart, Air Canada, TD Bank ,Infosys, and even in public jobs that is, Civil Services, Judiciary, Army and even working as University Professors. Career Consultancy has planned career of more than 20,000 students in last few decades.
Career Consultancy Service


Career Planning should start from Grade 8 which is the right time to assess student’s Aptitude, Personality and Career preferences. The Personality for a particular profession can only be developed if students are exposed to different career options, which is unfortunately missing. The demand of different careers change fast, technology and globalization play key roles, and often we are not ready for this change.

According to Gallop Poll, more than 40% of the students after graduation do not get the desired job, 60% are highly under paid, 50% are working in the areas which are not related to their academic qualification, and 80 % do not love what they do.









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Career Consultancy, a premiere venture of Career Group started in the year 1996.
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