Aquarius – Characteristics & Personality Traits

Aquarius is often the great visionaries and dreamers.
Famous Aquarius is for example Charles Darwin, Thomas Alva Edison and Galileo Galilei. Each of them made enough to turn science over.
They will be frank with you, but they will not tell you how you should live. Aquarius know that everyone has own ideals and desires.
Aquarius doesn’t like to make any commitments. Aquarius leaves things rather open and wants to have a back door.
Aquarius is not the one who goes first into battle with a flag. Instead of real warfare he will prefer to meditate under a tree and wait for enlightenment as the Buddha.
The Aquarius man is attracted by mystery. The woman who wants to get him has therefore aroused his curiosity first. Thus, reading an open book is no challenge for the Aquarius man.
The Aquarius woman expects that you will be interesting and entertaining. She lives for the present. Be bored with some old millionaire and wait to kick the bucket, it’s really not her style.
Aquarius unfortunately often suffers from a lack of permanent feelings. It is characteristic for them, because Aquarius element is the air. Even if they can really get excited deeply for things, it often doesn’t last long.
Aquarius are smart, original thinkers, and visionaries. If you’re an Aquarius, you’re also likely a kind humanitarian and hard worker.
Aquarius’ are often described as visionaries. They love to explore innovative ideas and are curious and adventurous by nature. They are always looking to find a fresh approach.

Careers suited to an Aquarius:

Astronomy – Take your unique ideas to the ends of the universe.
Natural history – Work toward the lofty goal of a better future based on our past.
Aviation – Use your intellect and work ethic to navigate the skies.
The Arts – Showcase your vision humanitarianism through poetry, music, or acting.
Musician or artist

Medical Professions:

Trauma Surgeon

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