Aries – Characteristics & Personality Traits

Aries motivate others with their enthusiasm.(Leadership)
They have clarity of thought.
Aries often throw caution to the wind and go straight to the point, which they may later regret.
They live for today
Initiative and ambitious.
Their element is fire. (Enterprising)
Aries are unable to do anything by halves; they fall in love with full.
They look for new challenges and adventures. They are full of ambition, assertive, outspoken, and dynamic.
Arians are traditionally adventurous, active and outgoing. Likewise, they need a lifestyle that reflects their dynamic personalities.

Aries career options are:

The Media – Voice your strong opinions in TV or “talk” radio.
Advertising – Use your creativity to achieve your ambitions.
The Military – Apply your strong will and enthusiasm to any military job.
Security services – Embrace your enthusiasm for upholding the law and protecting others.

Medical Professions:

Orthopaedic Surgeon
Emergency Medicine Specialist
Trauma Surgeon

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