Cancer – Characteristics & Personality Traits

Cancers often submit to changes of their various feelings.
People born in Cancer are really sensitive; others like to share secrets with them.
Cancers can be easily hurt with your inappropriate remarks. When that happens, they will withdraw to solitude. Rarely will Cancer strike back in revenge.
It is not easy to convince Cancers to give up something, what they really like. If Cancers are clutching something in their claws, they will not easily let it go.
They carefully plan.
Cancers have never enough money and material goods.
The Cancer man needs love. It is a caretaker and nearness of someone beloved means a lot to him.
The Cancer woman is moody.
Cancers avoid the stormy waters and hate waste of resources. Extravagant hedonists will not usually be among their good friends.
Cancer is imaginative and dramatic.
The crab is a tough creature on the outside but soft and gentle on the inside. This zodiac sign is governed by the Moon, and as such, these individuals are often described as enigmas. They are also energetic, dramatic, kindhearted, imaginative and protective.

Gemini career option are :

Law – Exercise your passion for advising others.
Psychology – Nurture and offer sound counsel.
Teaching – Combine your nurturing side with philosophy and imagination.
Nursing – Deal with drama and console those in pain.
Marketing and networking

Medical Professions:




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