Career as Video/Radio Jockey


Video/Radio Jockey: A Radio Jockey (aka RJ) is responsible for playing music, holding discussions with the listeners, and conducting interviews on radio. These professionals use specially designed equipment to broadcast a variety of audio content, including songs, news, debates, and promo events, among others.

Career Opportunities as a Video/Radio Jockey

  • Radio Jockey: A Radio Jockey (or RJ) similar to video jockeys entertains listeners through the medium of radio. Each has their own style. It is a medium where there is no face to face interaction therefore it is important for Radio jockeys to engage audience by being witty, spontaneous and creative. They usually write their own scripts. RJ’s may have odd hours of duty.
  • Video Jockey: VJs should have an in-depth knowledge about the latest trends in music. Along with introducing music video on Television, they also give some background information about the music being played. They bridge the gap between the audience and musician. Some of them specialize in a particular area or genre of music.
  • Disc Jockey: A Disc Jockey is someone who plays recorded song. The making of a Club Disc Jockey requires the knowledge of the mood of the intended audience, the performance setting, the preferred medium, and the development of sound manipulation.


  Pathway 1 Pathway 2
Stream Clear Class XII in Any Stream Clear Class XII in Commerce Stream
Bachelors Pursue Bachelors in Journalism/Mass Communication /BA Hon. (English/Mass Communication) for 3 years Pursue Diploma or Certification in Radio/Video Jockeying / Anchoring Training/Radio Management for 1-2 years
Masters Pursue Diploma in Radio Jockey


  • Creative bent of mind.
  • Focused approach.
  • One needs to be adaptable.
  • Sense of humor is a must.
  • General knowledge and awareness.
  • Confidence and positive attitude.


Over time a jockey can also apply for voice overs commercials, television shows and movies. Salary: The demand for radio jockeys is on the increase due to private radio waves venturing in this field. The remuneration of a beginner radio jockey would be around Rs. 25,000-1,00,000 per month.

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