Career in Culinary arts


If having a kitchen, instead of cubicle as your work place as well as not being slaved to a computer excites you and you’d rather create your masterpiece using food, then culinary arts is your field. There are different responsibilities one may have to take up depending on the job role, starting from Preparing food, baking, presentation of food, supervision of kitchen etc. This job may require working across different locations and time-zones, which could be extremely exciting!

Career Opportunities:

  • Chef
  • Culinary Chef
  • Baker
  • Sommelier
  • Pastry chef


  Pathway 1 Pathway 2
Stream Clear Class XII in Any Stream Clear Class XII in Commerce Stream
Bachelors Pursue BA. Culinary Arts/ Hotel Management Catering & Technology (HMCT) for 4 years Pursue BBA in Hospitality and Culinary Education B. Sc. in Catering and Culinary Arts (Canada)
Masters Pursue Diploma/Post Grad Diploma in Canada Pursue Diploma/Post Grad Diploma for 6 months to 1 year


  • Expertise in cooking different types of cuisines
  • Innovate with ingredients to come up with unique dishes
  • Supervise the whole process of cooking, along with its arrangement and creative presentation
  • Use different tools and machines for food processing
  • Be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of diverse food items
  • Keep a check on the quality and hygiene of the food that is being presented
  • Work in accordance with the policies of the organization
  • Oversee the stock levels, supplies and other managerial duties in the kitchen
  • Use proficient organization skills to manage different tasks at once
  • Regulate one’s own personality, health and hygiene to look more promising


It is indeed true that the road to a human’s heart is through their stomach. Irrespective of how the other industries are faring or what the economic situation of the country is, people will not stop eating. In fact, the very reason why most people go to earn their living is to bring food to the table for themselves and their family. In such a situation, it is obvious that people are willing to spend a huge sum of money to have quality food being garnished well and served to them on a platter. Indeed the taste of the food, the aroma, the ambience and the overall display of food all have a role to play in this.

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