Career in ITI (Industrial Training Institute)


Industrial Training Institutes (ITI) and Industrial Training Centers (ITC) are post-secondary schools in India constituted under Directorate General of Training (DGT), Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, Union Government to provide training in various trades.


  • Pathway 1:

10th – ITI one/two year program – CTI Here are the details of CTI courses Course including duration, Eligibility, Admission Criteria, Fees and Syllabus.

Objective: – To impart training to the candidates for those who wants to become Instructor in ITI/ITCs. Trades offered are:-

  1. Electrician.
  2. Wireman.
  • Fitter.
  1. Turner.
  2. Machinist.
  3. Electronic Mechanic.
  • Motor Mechanic Vehicle.

Programme structure:

Four modules each of 3 months durations. These different modules are:

  1. Trade Technology I – 03 Months (Comprising Basic components of trade practice and theory)
  2. Trade Technology II – 03 Months (Comprising Advanced components of trade practice and theory)
  • Training Methodology – 03 Months (Comprising Principles of teaching)
  1. Engineering Technology – 03 Months (Comprising workshop calculation & Science and Engineering Drawing)
  • Pathway 2:

ITI one/two year program – Three year diploma and go Canada for 2 year study

  • Pathway 3:

ITI – Govt or private job or start your own workshop


A decent knowledge of basic calculations, taking accurate measurements and knowledge of all the tools required for work are the basic skills required for a fitter. The rest of the skills can only be acquired through working with a company or contractors.

Try for apprenticeship. If you know anyone in the field, go with him as a helper and learn from him. Don’t bother about the salary, try to get experience first. Don’t sit idle, it will waste your knowledge and experience.


After completing ITI, tradesmen can undergo Apprenticeship training in different industries. The Scheme is implemented by Directorate General of Training under Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship with the objective that “Training imparted in Institutions alone is not sufficient for acquisition of skills and needs to be supplemented by training in the actual work place.”

Duration for Apprenticeship training is generally one year for those appeared in ITI final exam, i.e. AITT. For freshers usually it takes three years. During the training trainees is paid stipend on monthly basis.


Govt. Jobs ITI-

After doing ITI, you can get a lot of government jobs. Initially, this post will be elementary, but later on, you can take a lot of promotions and reach a good position.

Initially, you may get less salary if you do a government job, but with the time you will get a good salary. There are lots of positions in many state governments in which only ITI people can apply. A particular reservation is there for ITI students.

Apart from this, you can also apply for various other jobs in the Central Government, in defense, in the electricity department and other central government departments.

Private Jobs ITI-

After doing ITI, you have the option of a lot of private jobs, which you can choose according to your branch and interest.

Many students who get placement through campus selection, get jobs in private sectors, in the beginning salary may be fewer. Still, with time and experience, you will get a good salary.

A lot of people go to other countries and do jobs after doing ITI.

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