Career in Public Relations


Public Relations: Public relations officers use a wide range of media to build and sustain a good image for a company, organization or brand through planned publicity campaigns and PR activity.

Career Opportunities in Public Relations

  • Account Supervisor: An account supervisor often does similar work handled by the account executive, but they’ll oversee other staff members assigned to the account as well. The account supervisor oversees PR accounts, often managing the account executives and account coordinators.
  • Account Coordinator or PR Coordinator: PR coordinator or Account Coordinator make use of various media channels to publicize their organization to the public. The work involves projects such as clipping newspapers, assisting in research, maintaining a list of media contacts, and coordinating mailings of press packets to the media.
  • Media Relations Manager: In media relations, the person who represents a particular brand and has to pitch information to the reporters in such a manner to get them interested in their idea and have it publicized. Media relation manager should know what the journalist are looking for and hook them to their ideas.
  • Government PR Departments: The person involved in this department plays a role of a mediator between the government and the public. Government agencies call their public relations departments “public affairs” offices. In these roles, a person translates government policy for the public and helps communicate the public’s concerns back to the government.
  • Director, VP: Director, VP is responsible for managing the firm and look after the communication strategies. He/she also has to be active in thinking up new communication services which he/she can sell to the existing clients. Within agencies, a director or vice president works closely with younger staff to train and mentor them.
  • Self-Employment: After gaining knowledge of the concerned field one can become self- employed in this field. Many organizations often outsource the PR function, relying on outsiders to handle their needs-either an agency or a PR consultant.


  Pathway 1 Pathway 2
Stream Clear Class XII in Any Stream Clear Class XII in Commerce Stream
Bachelors Pursue Bachelors in Journalism/Mass Communication /BA Hon. (English/Mass Communication) for 3 years Graduation in Any Stream
Masters Pursue Masters in Journalism and Mass Communication for 2 years Pursue Diploma/ Masters in Mass communication/Journalism for 1- 2 years


  • Excellent communication, interpersonal and writing skills
  • Drive, competence, flexibility and a willingness to learn
  • Excellent organizational and time management skills with the ability to multitask
  • The ability to cope with pressure
  • Creativity, imagination and initiative
  • Good teamwork, analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Business awareness and a good knowledge of current affairs.


The demand for candidates with good communication skills is high in all industries. For instance, these days, even while hiring for technical jobs such as software programming, HR managers of companies look for people with excellent communication skills. If you have good public speaking skills, it is only an added advantage for you.

In India, moreover, the supply of good English speaking professionals is always a little lower than the demand. However, the standards have improved majorly over past few years and even students from government schools can speak good English today. Thus, the competition is high.

The pay package for a beginner in PR can vary from Rs. 15,000 and above depending on the skill set and education. If you are joining a corporate company as Personal Secretary to CEO, you may earn anywhere in between Rs. 2 lacs to 3 lacs per annum for your first job. If you are joining an advertising and marketing company as a communications professional, you may earn about 2.5 lacs and above as a fresher.

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