Counsellor Terms & Conditions

Why join as Counsellor ?

Are you a Career Counsellor, Therapist, Psychologist, Mental Health Trainer or a Life – Skills Trainer. If you want to help others and extend your services to the  people by helping them live a better, balanced life in a more fulfilling way. What is more delightful for you as a Counsellor than to put your valuable skills and experiences in helping others.

This has now become a reality now ! With the ever – expanding power of the internet, the horizons for you have  expanded. Reaching out to people who could benefit from your skills and expertise is just a click away.

So, if you think that you have the expertise and skills to add value  to the well-being of others then you surely are at the Right Place.

Register with Arun Bhatia counselling site   and get in touch with those who are waiting for help. Be a part of this platform where you can connect with people who need help, and who look up to you for your Guidance, Counselling and  Motivation in their effort to live a better, desirable life.

Certificate By Counsellor

I, ………………..Residence of …………….., with adhar card no………… ready to join as Counsellor as member of   Arun Bhatia Counselling team. I agree by following terms and conditions.

  1. I will conduct my work ethically and will not disclose any information of clients or of Arun Bhatia counselling team to anyone orally/ mail or by written or any any other means.
  2. I will have a very professional approach in my dealings and will not become personal with clients.

3.I will not copy the idea or any concept of Arun Bhatia counselling team  to set up my business or work with any similar business in future.

  1. I am bound to not work with any such company or person who deals with counselling, coaching , mentoring , immigration for a minimum  period of 12 months after leaving this job.
  2. I know that I am working on commission basis and my job as counsellor is  to make sure that  the potenital client / student should be convinced to pay required money  for counselling.
  3. I promise not to give false information or false promises to clients as Arun Bhatia counselling team believes in fair and just working.
  4. All the communication with clients/ students will be done through official mail and system only.
  5. I will be paid within 21 working days from the day payment is received or credited to the account of Arun Bhatia.
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