Leo – Characteristics & Personality Traits

Leo is bright and proud ruler. Leos are smart enough not to waste energy on useless projects.
Leo’s nature is to advise and manage others.
Every true Leo likes to hear how good he is. If you want to please him or win his favour, flatter him!
Leos like quality and they are willing to spend a lot of money for genuine luxury.
Leos usually love sport because they are naturally competitive and they like to show how successful they are.
They can sometimes be tactless and painfully honest.
Leos would not like intentionally hurt anyone, but they are straightforward and do not like intrigues.
Leo is the one on which others rely. Try to offer him help, definitely he rejects it.
The Leo man is generally not a scrooge. He will take you to a better restaurant and bring a whole bouquet of flowers rather than one lonely rose.
The Leo woman is definitely not a silent housewife that would be sitting at your feet in the evening and eagerly listen to every your word. She is intelligent, capable and strong women.
Leos are not bitter. On the contrary, they are generous and know how to forgive.
Leo is spontaneous and often gregarious. If you’re a Leo, you’re an independent thinker and a born leader.
The roaring lion; Leo’s are born leaders. These individuals are charismatic, positive-thinking, fearless, inspiring, and independent. Their inborn ability to assume leadership roles makes them good candidates for roles, which will bring them into the spotlight or in positions of power. They have very gregarious personalities and are good-humoured. This makes them very likeable and their positive attitude and hard work results in many opportunities presenting themselves to these individuals.

Gemini career option are :

CEO – Channel your independent thinking into a leadership position.
Manager – Use your spontaneous nature to make important decisions.
Editor – Lead writers in their craft.
Government Officer – Use your power and disposition to make progressive decisions.

Medical Professions:

General Surgeon



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