Libra – Characteristics & Personality Traits

Libras are peaceful angels who would like to settle all disputes in the world.
Libras are often dissatisfied because of their own uncertainty and indecision. They want to see everything impartially.
Libras can be good lawyers and analysts. They need sufficient time for strategic decisions.
Once someone starts pushing Libras to make their decisions in a hurry, they get nervous.
Libras have variable pace of life. Balancing is the challenge of a lifetime for Libras.
Winter is too cold and summer is too hot for them. Libras desire always perfect and balanced combination.
They like leaving responsibility to others.
The Libra man hates injustice and you will learn answers to almost all your questions from him. You will easily succumb to compliments of the Libra man.
Whether the Libra woman intends anything with you, be sure that she has a well prepared plan. The Libra woman often doubts herself. Please her by showing her how beautiful and perfect she is.
The Libra is diplomatic and charming. If you’re a Libra, you’re a sociable person who’s easy-going and cooperative.

Libra career option:

Social Worker
Government workers – Channel your diplomacy into foreign relations.
Negotiators – Make use of your cooperative nature
Administrators – Help others get along better to get work done.
Lawyers – Use your charm and diplomacy to expertly argue a case.

Medical Professions:




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