Sagittarius – Characteristics & Personality Traits

Sagittarians are hearty people, who arouse respect and embarrassment in society at the same time.
Sagittarians statements correspond to their straight forward nature to comment others aptly but carelessly. When they will shoot arrows around, they will smile but you will be in in low spirits very soon.
Sagittarians are confident and despise conventions. They refuse to accept the seriousness of life.
Sagittarians strengthen friendships with those who deserve it. They often don’t grow lasting relationships and family ties that should outlast the centuries.
Persistence is not entirely in accordance with the freedom of the Sagittarius nature. They are willing to take risks rather than wait and build something step by step. However, there are exceptions.
The Sagittarius men are idealistic enthusiasts. Beware of their sincerity.
As a man you have to impress such a woman by your courage and ingenuity.
Sagittarians are often convinced that they are the best diplomats under the sun. But they will surprise you with shocking statements which they will tell with absolute innocence.
The Sagittarius has an upbeat attitude and is full of energy. If you’re a Sagittarius, you also love to travel and have a strong spiritual side.
Like their astrological symbol – the Archer – Sagittarians are well-known for setting their sights towards a target and hitting their mark. If they want something, they put in all the effort to get it. Their belief system is unshakeable; in themselves and also in spiritual matters.

Sagittarius career option:

Theology – Thrive in your spirituality.
Public relations – Make use of your positive attitude and energetic nature.
Sales – Show your energy and upbeat attitude, all while occasionally traveling for work.
Administration – Use your energy and enthusiasm to motivate others.
Animal Trainer

Medical Professions:



Geriatrics Specialist

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