Taurus – Characteristics & Personality Traits

If Taurus take something in their head, it is very difficult to change their decision.
If you say “stubborn” to Taurus, they will certainly explain to you, that they are only patient and cautious.
Taurus are very tolerant. However, it is a mistake to try to push them somewhere against their will or to attack their honour.
Whether it is a man or a woman, please do not interrupt or correct them. It is also good to avoid criticising Taurus sharply, especially in public.
Their element is earth.
Their friends must be reliable and honest people who respect good manners.
“Hurry slowly” is a real motto of Taurus. They do not like big changes. All Taurus build their own kingdom slowly but steadily.
Taurus are quite suspicious to anything new. They keep their feet firmly on the ground.
Taurus have a sense of practical and material affairs, and their life style is often very responsible.
Although they are prudent and cautious, Taurus are surely romantic! Because the planet of Taurus is Venus.

Taurus career options are :

Banking – Use your methodical ways to help others with their finances.
Accounting – Channel your practicality into the love of numbers.
Science – Showcase your determination and patience in solving problems.
Research – Open your practical mind to a world of information.
Public relations person

Medical Professions:



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